Do you need Health and Safety Training in Kent

Health and Safety Training

It is important for employees to take health and safety training Kent so that the workplace will be safe for all people to work in. offers a range of health and safety courses that most employers are looking for.

Health and Safety Level 1 is a basic course that provides employees with the basis by which they can take more courses in the future. The focus of this basic course is to maintain health and safety and to ensure that the actions of employees will reduce any possible risk in the workplace.

The basics of Health and Safety Training

Level 1 is for learners who work in any workplace environment including an office, a restaurant, retail store, manufacturing plant or hospital. The course covers the scope of risks and main hazards that can be found in the workplace.

There are many conditions in the workplace that can affect health and safety and employees need to have an understanding of the importance of suitable conditions being maintained. The employee will learn about the benefits of maintaining their work place and keeping it well organised.

They will learn about the provision of first aid in the workplace and personal protective equipment as well as personal hygiene. Once this course has been completed, there is a Level 2 course and also a Level 3 course.

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

This is a course for people who will be working in an environment where they might be in contact with hazardous substances every day in the workplace. There are no prerequisites needed for this course. Course participants will learn about the laws regarding hazardous substances in the workplace, what the consequences are of non-compliance, and the difference between a risk and a hazard to begin with. The course will increase in complexity as it progresses.

Safe Moving and Handling

This is training for people in Kent who work in manual labour and handing jobs where they need to continually move things around. Moving and handling must be done correctly to prevent injury to the body. Course participants will learn why they need to handle things safely, and will learn about the consequences of non-compliance if safe handling guidelines are not followed.

Infection Control Level 2

This is a one day course in Kent that allows employees to learn about controlling the spread of infection in a wide range of workplaces. It raises awareness of infection risk and makes employees aware of the risks associated with the spread of infections in the workplace. For those who work in healthcare, this is a very important course to complete and many health themed workplaces make this kind of course mandatory.

Risk Assessment Courses

It is sometimes necessary for risk assessments to be undertaken in the workplace so that the standards of health and safety in the workplace can be improved or maintained. Employees who take this course will learn the main causes of work related fatalities. They will also learn the legal and economic reasons why accidents should be prevented and how ill health at work can be prevented too. Key terms associated with risk assessment are defined for employees as is the role of risk assessment in the prevention of accidents.

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