E-Learning: Food Safety Level 2

Price: £30.00

Product description:
E-Learning: Food Safety Level 2

Designed to complement the HABC Level 2 Food Safety syllabus, this course contains 6 hours of interactive health and safety training content.

E-Learning Food Safety

Course content:

  • Introduction to food safety.

  • Microbiological hazards.

  • Food poisoning and its control.

  • Contamination hazards and controls.

  • HACCP from delivery to service.

  • Personal hygiene.

  • Food premises and equipment.

  • Food pests and pest control.

  • Cleaning and disinfection.

  • Food safety enforcement.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements:
No previous experience or qualifications are necessary.


How the qualification is assessed:
The system uses modules to break down the teaching process into manageable chunks. The course is broken into sections which the user can either navigate through on a page by page basis or they can use the module menu to access a specific part of the course. The user’s progress is tracked and recorded at every step so nothing is lost; even a 10 minute sitting at the course counts towards the overall qualification.

It causes us great distress when we see our competitors produce low budget e-learning courses, which are basically ‘PowerPoints on screen’. The result for the students is that they do not enjoy the training and it invariably leads to a very poor uptake and low success rate. By replacing page after page of boring text with interactive and fun exercises, Highfield have created a highly effective training tool that maximises understanding of the subject.

Completion certificate

Completion certificate:
On completion of the course users can print a certificate directly from the software and can choose to progress further by sitting an accredited examination.

Course prices

Course prices:
The individual price for the E-Learning: Food Safety Level 2 course is £30.00.


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