Essex Paediatric First Aid Training

Essex Paediatric First Aid. We are happy to announce that Thurrock Council. Yes Thurrock council. Have booked our paediatric training course. This is for foster carers from Thurrock. This is amazing news. I repeat amazing news. We love training in Essex. We love training. So very happy that Thurrock council trust our services. Thank you Thurrock Council. We love working with you. We love delivering all kinds of training. We know the importance of paediatric first aid. Especially when working with children. We are so proud that Thurrock Council have used Dynamo Concise Training to deliver first aid training. Especially Paediatric Training. Dynamo Concise Training offer the most competitive prices. Competitive prices with professional services. Dynamo Concise Training love to train. The team of Dynamo Concise Training are all excited. We will be training in Thurrock council Civic Offices. The Civic Offices are in Essex.

AED First Aid

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