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First Aid Training: Not Just the Law!

Even the least hazardous work environment can turn into an emergency situation at a moment’s notice. In an everyday scenario, there are so many things that can potentially go wrong: medical conditions that can suddenly present their symptoms, accidents that can render people injured or incapacitated, and emergencies that can cause all sorts of harmful consequences. With this in mind, regardless of what type of business you run or what type of environment in which your employees work, it is a moral obligation of every business to have employees trained in first aid always on site and ready to provide any assistance.

Many of the techniques of first aid are quite simple and can be taught to anyone. More than that, though, their proper application in emergency situations can be the difference between life and death, between serious injury and treatable problem. Knowing how to respond to situations properly, how to perform basic first aid tasks, and how to properly care for incapacitated or injured individuals until proper medical assistance can arrive is an invaluable skill set not only on the job but in everyday life.

Providing a Safe Work Environment

Providing a safe work environment is a legal obligation that every business owner has to his or her employees. In addition to ensuring the security of the building, its contents, machinery, and anything else with which the employees may come into contact, it is also the duty of the business to properly train its employees in matters regarding their safety. This includes first aid, which is vital for properly responding to medical situations. Just as an employee must be trained to properly work equipment, so too they must be trained in proper procedures for assisting their fellow workers to the best of their abilities to mitigate potential injuries or even save lives.

Business Owners and Managers Must Look at First Aid Training

Business owners should look at first aid training as a long-term investment in the safety of their workforce. Minimising injuries and damages is vital for efficiency of the business, and serious injuries or traumas can have a horrible impact on overall workplace morale. Having the proper tools and know-how to respond to emergency situations can often have the effect of helping to dampen the negative consequences through proper, appropriate, measured responses that seek to treat injury, de-escalate the situation, and prevent further incidents.

First Aid at Work Programs

Dynamo Concise Training offers First Aid training programs that are specifically designed with the work place and the employee in mind. These courses are the perfect solution for a business that is looking to have a work force properly trained in first aid. Additionally, discounts are available for groups that are looking to enrol.

In a short course that takes only hours rather than days or weeks, employees become versed in the concepts and techniques of basic first aid. They are provided instruction by experienced professionals and have an opportunity to practice some of their techniques under supervision. The end of the course includes an evaluation, which must be successfully completed before certification is granted. With a first aid at work program, you and your employees can experience a work force properly versed in the tenants of first aid and a much safer and injury-free work environment.

Our Range of First Aid Training Courses

We have a full range of first aid training, below is a list of what is currently on offer.

Our courses are all available throughout Kent and further afield, call us to see if we can arrange first aid training for you or your working team.

A group of adult education students practitcing CPR chest compressioon on a dummy.

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