Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding is about how we can protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from both abuse or neglect by the actions, or lack of actions, of another person. In order to safeguard and protect persons from either abuse or neglect we will need to learn how to identify vulnerable individuals and take necessary steps to stop abuse and neglect. Everyone of us has the right to be safe and live without the fear of abuse, neglect or exploitation and this course aims to teach you how to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect and what actions you can take to stop this from happening and occurring again in the future. Abuse, neglect and exploitation can occur anywhere and by anyone, quite often it being a person of trust.
This course is designed for anyone, no matter the field that they are involved in, to give them the tools and knowledge to make a important difference to a vulnerable person’s life. It will also let the practitioner reporting the abuse know how they can safeguard themselves in every day work, whilst seeking help and reporting the incident.

£65.00 +VAT

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Course Content

By the end of this training course learners will:
• Be able to define safeguarding
• Know key safeguarding legislation
• Be aware of key safeguarding roles
• Be able to state which agencies the safeguarding partnership consist of
• Know who within an organisation has responsibility for safeguarding
• Be aware of different types of abuse
• Know different types of abuse
• Be aware of signs and indicators of abuse and neglect
• Learner’s will know what action to take in the event of any safeguarding issues.

Learners will be able to give examples of indicators of the following types of abuse:
• Physical abuse
• Emotional abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Neglect

Entry Requirements

The qualification is available to learners aged 18 or over. No previous knowledge or experience in safeguarding is required to undertake this training programme.


How the qualification is assessed:

Learners are assessed on their knowledge by ongoing discussions throughout the training and a professional discussion with the trainer at the end of the course.

Completion Certificate

On successful completion learners will receive a Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults  certificate which is issued by FAA.  The qualification does not have an expiry date but it is essential you undertake refresher training and keep up to date with any changes to policies, procedures and new legislation through ongoing CPD is vital.

Course Prices

The individual price for the Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults  course is just £65 per person. The price includes a course book, note pad, pens, training pack, examination and certificate. There are no hidden fees.

Discounted rates are available for groups with more than 5 candidates. We offer both open courses and group bookings. If you would like more information or wish to enquire about availability,  please phone us free on 020 8301 4111 for more details.

We also provide training in the evenings, on Saturdays and on Sundays. We realise that our training needs to be flexible to meet our individual learners’ lifestyles as well as meet the needs of companies and organisations.


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