The Basics of Womens Self-Defence Awareness and Self-Perception

The Basics of Women Self-Defense

Nearly every day, there are horrific situations on the media regarding violence against women. Women are faced with many uncomfortable situations, from street robberies and stalking to jealous ex-boyfriends or domestic violence involving people that are supposedly dear to them.
Fortunately, you can learn to avoid violent confrontations by attending ladies self defence and safety awareness classes.

The training is not focused on martial art fighting techniques that require flexibility and fine motor skills, but rather basic safety strategies focused on basic awareness, retreat and escape, and some physical skills to help you block against strikes and being grabbed.

Many ladies self defence classes focus on prevention, avoidance, and deterrence of grim situations by enhancing awareness so you can notice when things do not look right; act immediately to get out of that situation and into a safer place; compose yourself to call for help; and quickly equip yourself with everyday objects that could assist in your self-defence.
Trainers believe that this mindset and thought process is what gives you a “fighting chance” against bigger and stronger men – not magical solutions.

Some of the things imparted to you during
self-defence classes include:

1. Awareness and Defence

Many people think that a kick to the groin and blocking punches is what you learn in self-defence classes, but this is not the most important training. Your first line of defence, and possibly the most important one, is awareness – awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and your attacker’s likely strategies.

The perpetrator’s primary strategy is usually the advantage of surprise. Studies suggest that criminals are more likely to target individuals who seem unaware of their surroundings. So, being alert and knowing what is going on around you can help to project a sense of presence that helps to avoid commonplace attacks. Awareness negates the element of surprise.
During your daily activities, you hope that everything goes as expected, but you don’t know when you might find yourself in a tough spot. You need to be aware of your environment when walking, driving, working, and even at home. If you notice of hear something unusual, inspect it immediately. Most of the time, it should be nothing unusual, but if it is a likely threat, you will not have fore-knowledge, time to react and plan, and a better chance of escaping without a confrontation.

2. Self-perception and Defence

Sometimes, even after you become aware of a possible threat, it happens so fast that the danger is imminent and you cannot flee. Some elements of defence training target behavioral changes so you can remain calm and confident enough to make fast decisions in fast-changing situations.

How you respond to danger is directly influenced by how you feel about yourself. Your self-esteem at that moment can influence how you respond to the same threat at different times. A women with strong self-concept and self-love is more likely to fight aggressively to protect herself and her family, than one who is concerned about hurting the assailant physically or emotionally.

Your emotions vary widely with every day experiences, so you need training to stabilise your mindset to a strong sense of self-preservation that will trigger fighting effectiveness irrespective of your emotional state at the time of assault.

Note that self-defence training helps to make you more aware of your personality traits, physical capabilities and limitations, behavioural tendencies, and the value you place on self-preservation. It prepares you for threats, but does not make you invincible to attacks, and cannot guarantee success in every encounter. Nevertheless, you will be better armed, physically and mentally, to tackle threats.

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