What is the main role of a door supervisor on a licensed premises?

A door supervisor is a person that is employed to provide a manned security service in or at, a licensed premises, building or event that is licensed to sell alcohol. A licensed premises may include:
Nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels.

What are the main aims for a door supervisor in their role?

The main aims that door supervisor should strive for in successfully executing their role include some of the following-

• Ensure that customers and other members of staff are safe at the venue
• Ensure that customers are able to enjoy themselves
• Assist the venue management to comply with the licensing objectives
• Enforce the venue’s admissions policy
• Provide good customer service whilst doing

Door supervisors need to be aware that their actions are linked to that  of a licensed premises. Negative actions by a door supervisor will in turn lead to a negative reputation for the door supervisor and that will lead to a negative image for the licensed premises that they are working at.

Although there may be a team of door supervisors working at a licensed premises which have its own internal ranking system (e.g. head door supervisor or shift manager), all members of the team MUST work under the direction of the following, tat being the holder of the premises license and a person who is designated to run the premises on their behalf. This person is the DPS or designated premises supervisor. The DPS is the main point of accountability, and as such are in control of every element of the way the premises operates.

Door supervisors have a tough rule, in which they have to balance the needs of the licensed premises, the needs of the customer and adhere to the law in regards to licensing. By ensuring that the act professionally, adhere to the employers policies and guidelines in regards to the assignment, and ensure that communication takes place with the DPS, their role will be more clearly defined.

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