Why should e-learning be learner centred?

E-Learning is an important component to the learning process. This is especially more evident during the Covid-19 lock downs where traditional classroom teaching has been impacted. In order for E-Learning to be an effective part of the learning process it has to be properly prepared and presented in a way which is suitable for the learner. There would be no point having a few pictures and a voice droning on if the learner was not going to be engaged. Learning can only take place when a learner is engaged and feels part of the process, rather than just sitting at a computer clicking next every few seconds.

A sad fact is that the majority of on-line courses that are purchased are never completed. In fact, many are never even opened. Also, concerningly is the amount of fake courses and out of dates (Where legislation has not been updated) which are available to buy.

So how can E-Learning be engaging? Well this does come down to the planning stage of an E-Learning course. Yes, you need to have the information there, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot deliver it in a way that will make the learner want to know more. Using other resources, such as you tube, to get the learner to look for more information and answer questions, would be a great benefit in ensuring the learner is engaging with the content, engaging with the medium you are using and also engaging with the learning cycle.

It is important that you don’t rely on style over substance. It would be nice to have an all singing and dancing learning management system (LMS) but if the content does not engage the learner- and more importantly doesn’t actually offer any type of teaching, then the exercise would have been pointless.

At Dynamo Concise Training, we tailor the E-Learning to the learner. We try to engage with the learner using audio and visual technology but also we further engage with the learner so they do more than just ‘click next’. We have found that our system yields great results for our learners, as we have have used trail and error methods to try and get it as right as we possibly can. At the end of the day, the learning process has to be Learner Centred because it is what is best for them.

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